Re: Immune system

From: Janet Karam (
Thu Mar 22 10:31:06 2001

Clear DayDear Trace,

Thanks for's kinda like a mobile, you know those things that hang from the ceiling with birds or something like that on the ends of some sort of wire?

When all the birds are attatched, the mobile becomes pretty level, wind or a push may make it sway, but when you actually take a bird off(say, run it to the hospital for an adheiolysis or something like that...haha), the mobile starts swinging around in dissaray and can't find it's normal balance, because something is missing...It takes time to adjust to change and not only one little bird's life is disrupted...I think we get comportable in the "roles" we play.

It's so good that you and nik have the insight and awareness you do, I am going to forward your message ont Joel because I know we will walk through similar times too.

Thank you for sharing.

Zinc and vitamin C are both great fro your immune system...also the herb astralagus. If you have respitory or sinus symptoms, it is good to actually suck on zinc lozenges, if not 50 mg per day is a good amount to swallow.

Thanks again for sharing, it is good to hear you feeling so well.



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