Re: need a boost

Fri Mar 23 20:29:10 2001

I will fly into the Scranton Wilks Barr airport. I live in Jacksonville, FL and have 14 yr old twin girls. I have a feeling that it will most likely be early June before I can get scheduled. But actually speaking with DR Gerhart was such a boost. I came right out and asked him why I should go through all of this to see him, and he gave me so many good answers. Everyday in the past few weeks I have not been able to eat without pain, and forget going to the bathroom. The Drs here at the Mayo Clinic ( I thought that was the best) said no surgery until my bowels obstruct! NO thanks. I'm afraid I'm getting close though. I could not reach the Dr office today to schedule anything. I fedexed my records to Dr Gerhart's home today, so he said by Monday we should be able to set a date.

I went to his websie at and filled out a brief medical history and he called me the next day! To have a real Dr listen and talk to me is refreshing. I also did my homework on the group through the AMA and the state medical boards and none of the Drs in the group have had any complaints filed against them.

My family is going to help us with the expenses that my insurance won't cover, but I know it will be a lot of $$$. My girls start Catholic High school next year and this surgery would pay that tuition, so it's a tough choice. We all agreed that me being able to be their mom will be worth the struggle.

It will be great if we can work out going together. I'll keep you posted. If you'd like, I can call you, or you me at (904)996-7449

Good Luck! Your new Friend, Kelly

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