Re: Help, It happened again..

Fri Mar 30 19:43:54 2001

Regina: Please don't forget you are not alone. WE have all gone through similar experiences with doctors. I recently went through something similar and they ended up treating me for a small bowel obstruction (which I didn't have). I know there are doctors out there just out to collect your insurance money, and it seems that you ran in to one of those. You cannot give up because if we give up then they win. You have to keep going, dig down deep down inside yourself and remind yourself that you have control of the situation and don't take and crap from anyone. Before a dr admits you or runs tests you have to ask why? what are the reasons? what is your treatment plan? how are you going to help me? Tell them you want it in writing. Don't let them walk all over you because I've been doing it for 15 years and am now paying the price dearly. Doctors unfortunately tend to forget that they are there to help us not use us as guinea pigs. By the way you do have a medical malpractice suite on your hands. I am a full time law student so I know. If you would like to email me privately I would gladly talk to you about your options legally. But first you have to get that pain under control. Call the doctor and let him know you are allergic to the duragesic patch and you want oral or IM (shot) medications NOW! Do not let the pain take over you life and don't let ARD stop you from living it. There are way too many flowers for us to smell before we leave this world and way too many people that we are going to help by fighting the fight now and paving the way for them in the future. Hang in there honey.. Your hubby is probably just feeling helpless, I know mine does. My whole family, even my good friends, all feel helpless. Do not give up. Do not give up. You can get through this, one day, one hour, one minute, one second at a time!!!!!!! **HUGS** Missy

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