Re: Help, It happened again..

From: Michael Murray (
Fri Mar 30 20:14:09 2001

Regina, I myself have insurance and have contacted Dr. Redan and am scheduled for surgery in May. I also have a lot of Dr. Bills that I have to pay. My insurance fortunately paid 'the famous clinic" for my visit and I did not get one thing out of the visit except was told that I had IBS. I called the Dr. after I went to an internist here in my home town and I told him that she said I had adhesions back and he said," Oh yes you probably do." I felt so low and helpless when I got back from this clinic until I went to the Internist. (I also have been to about every doc you can think of to help me with no results.) And I found this wonderful site. I am going to the pain clinic and am not where I want to be as far as pain control but the pain doc tries very hard to help me. I read your message for Drs. R & R earlier and I know that it is so frustrating for Drs. to want money up front but if there is a chance that they can help, isn't it worth putting money down until the insurance pays? I have to travel far to Pa. and leave my kids at home and take off of work, but if there is a chance that I will be pain free, I am willing to take it. I figure that I have paid so many other Drs. for nothing that if this is going to help me, it is well worth it. Even though I have to ask family members to help me with the expense. I will probably have to skip a vacation and my husband will have to work over-time to pay for this and we will have to go without but... So maybe you could give Drs. R & R a try. Do you have family members that could help you? or I know that the pain management docs can try a lot of different meds to help you. If the patch doesn't work, try something else, or keep going to Drs. until someone can help you. In fact I had given up going to docs when my dad suggested that I go to this internist here and I made myself go and she was a blessing!! And I am hoping that Dr. Redan can help me also.So maybe your "blessing" is out there. I hope you can get this resolved, I can feel your pain and frustration. Please don't give up. Kel


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