Pam In Germany for Surgery

From: Bob (
Wed Sep 5 05:56:23 2001

Hello All, Sorry this is so late in being posted. As those that know Pam, she has had a long history of adhesion related problems and numerous surgeries as have many of you. In June of 2000 she was seen by Drs. Reich and Redan for a scope procedure adhesions after a desperate plea was made for help by me on this site. This was her 11th surgery for them, but the first time with both of these surgeons together. She had seen Dr. Reich in 1996 along with surgical attempts in Houston and the Tampa Bay area. She was pain free for about 5 months. In March of this year Dr. Redan again performed a scope procedure for adhesions and removed her gall bladder as it was failing also. He said she was doing well adhesion wise then, except for three chronic,problem areas; the upper right abdomen, the lower right pelvis, and the lower left pelvic and rectal area. Well, 9 weeks later the pain returned. After discussing the situation with Dr. Redan and Dr. Reich it was decided that Pam was a definite candidate for one of the new adhesion barriers. Problem is that they are still not released by the ever powerful FDA. There was an option of performing one more scope surgery to hopefully relieve the pain until the FDA saw fit to release the barrier hopefully in early 2002, but who know?? The other was to go to Germany where the barrier has been in use since 1998. Pam and I contacted Dr. Korell and sent all the operative reports. He too concluded the same opinion as Drs. Reich and Redan, use a barrier in the three chronic areas. Dr. Reich calls Pam one of his tougher cases. Well I am happy to report that Pam had surgery Tuesday morning, the 4th, and Dr. Korell is very pleased with the previous work by the R&R surgeons, saying it was working well everywhere but the 3 places. Dr. Korell performed adhesolysis in the 3 areas and placed Intergel throughout Pam's abdomen. He will perform a second look procedure on the 13th and at this time is very optimistic, but as everyone knows, he cannot guarantee it, but with the previous work being done so well, it makes a major difference. So far everything has been great here in Germany due to Bev and other IAS members paving the way during previous trips. So, if you could remember to say a quick prayer for Pam, it would be appreciated. Once she is home we will continue to aid any ARD suffering person that asks.

In Loving Friendship,
    Bob Markford

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