Re: Desperately need your help!!!!!!!!

From: Sally Grigg (
Sat Feb 1 16:34:46 2003

At Fri, 31 Jan 2003, Brenda wrote: >
>I am currently on oxycontin for my pain for my adhesions and have been
>on it for about a year now, the problem is that 40 mg is no longer
>controling the pain and my doctor put me on 40 mg am and 80 pm, but the
>80 is making me very sick, I am taking medicine for it but it makes me
>really sleepy. The pain from the adhesions is also getting worse. I
>would like to get a second opinion from another doctor, I live in NC but
>would be willing to travel can anyone suggest a good doctor to see. The
>adhesions are partialy obstructing my bowls and have attached themselves
>to my kidneys, I am going down hill fast. I am throwing up a lot, very
>weak and some days can not get out of bed. The pain in my lower back
>keeps me up and down all night long even after taking sleeping pills. I
>slowly feel like the old me is leaving and this tired sick old person
>has taken over my body. I have no quality of life and pain medication
>seems no longer to be the answer. I have had 5 surgeries in the past 4
>years and in and out of the hospital for being impacted and to try and
>get my pain under control. i have a 3 years old son that I stay home
>with and am almost at the point where I am no longer able to take care
>of him. Please if you have been to a doctor that really knows what he
>is doing and knows about adhesions and he has helped you please either
>post here or email me. I am hitting that desperate place.

Dear Brenda, Hi dear, its Sally. Please email me at
It sounds serious and you need treatment. Can you afford Germany?
The oxycontin might be more helpful if instead of the higher doses you
take meds for breakthrough pain, but if you're half dead already the
med won't do much more good, They can really wear you down also. A lot
is your decision of course, and your determination. But you need to be
educated about your choices. You can also email Dr. Wiseman to get lists
of other doctors in your area. What general area do you live in? Sorry to
be nosey. I wish you all the best. Living with adhesions is Hell, I know.
Love, Sally Grigg

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