Re: Good morning friends/for susie for Linda

Sun Feb 2 08:36:11 2003

Dear Linda:

Eventhough we have never met, I feel as if we were best friends. I am so happy to have found this group as I get more support from all of you than I ever did from my own family with the exception of my mother. They have never understood the pain that I have to live with. I sometimes feel as though they think im making it up or that it is not as bad as i make it out to be. It means so much to me that I have you. This group and my children and boyfriend have helped me to get through this horrible time. Its just so hard I miss her so much. My boyfriend is very supportive but he to doesnt exactly understand that surgery makes things worse not better. He thinks that another surgery is going to fix me and we all no that thinking that i am going to be totally fixed is not a reality. I am working on him but that has been difficult too so, the most support i get is here and this is where i get my strength to continue. Thank you so much for your support Linda. I too am here for you if you need me.

easy hugs from south jersey,


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