From: K Nygren (
Sun Feb 2 08:55:51 2003

Dear Susie, I am so sorry about the loss of your mother. Never having lost a parent, I cannot begin to know your pain...but I can sense a lot in your postings. Please know that we are all here for you whenever you should need us. I, too, had a family much like yours. For years I never told them I was in the hospital. That only served to anger them and leave me sitting alone, sometimes for weeks at a time. But, they also believed as your family does...that it was nothing serious or it was all in my head. It wasn't until recent years and more serious events started occuring that they began to take it all seriously. My most recent episode with the respirator scared them all. Now, I am waited on hand and foot. Me, a person who does everything for herself. Its annoying sometimes, but I'm letting it happen. Please know that we are all family here and we all love you and pray for you daily. God's Blessings to you!


**Soaring with my angel**

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