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From: linda garcia (
Sun Feb 2 08:51:58 2003


I hear ya when you say that people not understanding that surgery makes things worse. I was told that I need a hyst and I have decided to wait until spraygel is approved here, then I will have it done.

A few weeks ago, my husband told me that I take to many meds, I take methadone, and vicodin for breakthrough, I also take bentyl and pyridium ( my bladder is attacted the abdominal wall and uterus so it burns to pee). So I thought I would teach him something. I went for 3 days with no meds, I was either in bed or on the couch for those three days, it showed him how much the meds help.

My family acts like they care, but I think it is because one of my sisters is an addict and she wants to take my meds. Good thing she lives 90 miles away. I hide them and try to explain to her that my doctor knows how many meds he gives and how long it takes for me to go through the prescriptions.. I will not give them to her and she gets angry. But that is ok cause it took 7 years to find someone that believed that I was in severe pain all the time.

Hang in there and if you have messenger either yahoo or msn then I would love to chat with ya. my screen names for both are lindalaramie.

love a new friend


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