Re: Pelvic adhesions: a slide show

From: Tracy [IAS Administrator] (
Mon Feb 17 08:25:25 2003

At Sat, 15 Feb 2003, Helen Dynda wrote: >
>X> Pelvic adhesions: Are considered to be post-inflammatory scar tissues that are formed after abdominal surgery ... A slide show about pelvic adhesions ... 2-19-2002 .....[ PowerPoint is needed to vew this slide show; so it remains to be seen if this site can be viewed from the IAS website.]

Here is the entire URL:

The presentation is 19-pages and presented in PowerPoint. If you have Powerpoint software or a Powerpoint reader on your pc - you should be able to view the file by clicking the above link and a new screen will open. The file is automated and moves slowly. If you have any problems, press your "page down" key to move through the presentation. If you hit the "back" button to review a page again, it may lock up and you will have to close your browser.

Tracy Joslin
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