Re: nervous I have a partial obstruction

From: clareS (
Mon Feb 17 08:41:04 2003

Hi Heather:

I'm not a Dr, but when I suspect I may have a partial obstruction, I stop eating and increase my water intake dramatically, and it often helps. You should, however, make an appointment with your Dr if you are concerned.

You already know what it's like to have a complete obstruction, so I won't bother going into all that. Partial obstructions can often be avoided by drinking way more water than you ever wanted to drink, but it does work :o)

If this is your first time posting to the IAS forum, welcome. Feel free to come here with your questions and concerns, and we will try our best to help you out. Sometimes we might not respond right away, but that's because often we are dealing with our own situations... Try searching the archives using Helen Dynda and bowel obstruction, as Helen has posted about how a man cured his own obstruction.

Best wishes. I do hope you feel better soon. Clare

At Sat, 15 Feb 2003, Heather wrote: >
>Does anyone know if there is a "typical" course of action for a partial
>obstruction? Do they almost always inevitably turn into a complete
>obstruction or strangulation? I've already had 2 of those and lost 9
>inches of my small bowel. I've haven't had a BM on my own in over 6
>days, and when I have one they are what I have read about on this board
>the "pencil thin" ones. Any words of wisdom for when I see my PC? I
>have to admit I'm very scared. Thank you for all your help. - Heather

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