Lung adhesions

From: Michelle (
Mon Oct 13 19:35:30 2003

I hope someone here can help me. I realize that this board is mostly for pelvic adhesions but I am suffereing with lung adhesions. I suddenly came down with an atypical pneumonia high in my right lung in Feb. Ever since I have felt like there's something under my collarbone and have pain when I breathe. I've had 5 chest xrays, 2 cts and a mri. My pulmonary doc says there's nothing to see and no reason that I should have pain. He did say it might be adhesions but not much else except 'it's not your lung so go back to your regular doc'. My regular doc is at a total loss. She doesn't know what to do with me. I took nsaids and steroids which didn't help. I've been taking pain pills for months and the doc is threatning to take them away. I don't want to take them forever but nothing else takes away the pain. Is there any treatment for adhesions? Can anyone relate to this experience? Thanks for listening to me.--Michelle

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