Re: Considering Surgery

From: Helen Dynda (
Fri Feb 25 11:12:44 2000

Kay, You mentioned that your OB/GYN seems to understand your adhesions problem better than the gastrointestinal specialist you have seen. I need to tell you that when there is adhesion-involvement with the bowels, you will need a surgeon who specializes in that area. Your OB/GYN does acknowledge that you have adhesions and that adhesions are causing you pain; but since your bowels are affected by adhesions, this is out of the area of specialization of your OB/GYN.

If you are really serious about having surgery, don't make the mistake of having just any surgeon do your surgery for you!!! There are surgeons in the United States, who have the advanced training, who have the experience, and who have the necessary skills in order to give their adhesion patients the best chance for freedom from adhesions.

Some of the best known surgeons are located in New York City, Pennsylvania, Louisiana; and there are several surgeons from Atlanta, GA. Some of these surgeons specialize in doing these difficult adhesion surgeries laparoscopically. Kathy just had surgery done by Harry Reich, MD, who is known internationally for his ability to do surgeries laparoscopically. From the information, which I have read on the Message Board, it sounds like her surgery was Same Day Surgery!! This means that she had her surgery on Thursday and she is already out of the hospital!! Because her surgery was done laparoscopically she can expect to have less pain and a much quicker recovery from her surgery.

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