Messages pertaining to: Dr. Matthias Korell, a surgeon from Germany

From: Helen Dynda (
Thu Jun 15 15:22:55 2000

I have combined all of the messages, which I have posted, concerning Dr. Matthias Korell from Germany. Included on this list are:

* Joanne Butman's messages concerning her trip to Germany for surgery with Dr. Korell as her surgeon.

* Beverly Doucette's letters to Dr. Korell.

* Dr. Korell's letters to Beverly.

* An abstract -- A research project, which Dr. Korell has participated in...regarding two adhesion barriers: Interceed and Intergel.

1.) * Joanne B's trip to Germany to have surgery...easier to read

2.) Dr. Korell answers questions posed by Beverly

3.) Dr. Korell responds to Beverly's message

4.) Incidence of adhesions after endoscopic myomectomy - Interceed TC7 versus Intergel

5.) Dr. Korell from Germany responds to Beverly's Message...

6.) The International Adhesions Society is truly becoming international...

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