Re: Regina & ARD members!!!!

From: Jean (
Fri Mar 9 22:33:38 2001

Regina and ARD members, I am sooo sorry to hear about your terrible confrontation with Dr. Redan! My heart really goes out to you even if no-one elses does.

I too feel we have a right to voice our own opinions!! Facts are facts and if Sue was rude we have a "right" to say it!!! If we must watch everything we say they may as well shut this SUPPORT GROUP down cause it is useless. On the other sites they do tell people who the good and bad doctors are (in their opinion)etc.

I DO NOT think it is in a doctor's best interest to fight or threaten patients with law-suits (or otherwise) and I don't care how good he or she is suppose to be!!!! I have had MANY doctors in my time and have NEVER heard of such a thing!! Does that mean we can also sue every doctor who tells us it is all in our heads, etc. when it isn't!!! MANY people tell other people if they don't like a doctor, their ethics, nurses or receptionists etc.....this is NORMAL freedom of speech! We still do live in the United States don't we??? Personally...most doctors don't have time for all kinds of emailing and reading posts on SUPPORT GROUPS in the first place. If they are so "World famous" they would definitely be extremely busy compared to other doctors who aren't "world famous" so WHY do they appear to have so much time on their hands, may I ask???? How do they handle all the email and a "world" of patients at the same time?? They truely MUST be very good!

We are adults, not children and I thought the doctors were also adults and not looking for fights. I thought we had all the differences etc. ironed out, only to have a doctor and a select few ARD members act like children and forward posts to DOCTORS!!! How immature! My children acted like that!!

I guess my other doctors are also slandering Dr. Redan, because NONE of them ever heard of Dr. Redan, although they are "world famous"..... and we do live in the same state! They also had differing opinions on what I told them about the doctor. They pointed out that some things are not in a patients's best interest. One even told me if a doctor is willing to perform surgery on you without first doing multiple tests to rule out other things I should RUN out of their office. They also were in total dis-belief about any doctor not accepting insurances and requiring pre-payment totally floored them. They also were not crazy about this time-consuming technical surgery (quoting some people on here and the doctors) being performed as an out-patient procedure. Serious surgeries generally require hospitalization if not for any other reason except observation. They could not believe you stay at a motel instead. My hip-replacement was regarded to Dr. Redan as a "minor" surgery compared to his adhesion surgery, yet I need hospitalization for that.

I have been very careful with my posts so as not to offend people or put people down but now this really has me upset!!! To each his own, but I do think I will be going to the surgeon in Reading instead who acted like an adult with me. He was VERY nice also and everyone I talked to knows him and says he is very good at what he does and highly respected. They all say if anyone around here can do something laproscopically he is the one. I could really talk to him, felt very comfortable with him and we even joked with each other! I was very confused on what I wanted to do after Sue called today, but I think this made my decision for me. I thank you Regina for being honest and not keeping important things a secret from everyone else as some prefer to do. Like I said before "we need info. and not just what is regarded as permissable to some people"!! I do not put anyone down if and when they decide to go to Scranton but I want a doctor whom "I" choose and feel comfortable with.

Just because a doctor is or isn't on the internet does that determine his abilities??? Just because a doctor isn't advertised or promoted on the internet means he isn't as good and doesn't know what he is doing????

This is certainly getting to be a sad, sad world.

I don't know if anyone agrees with me or wants to hear from me ever again but I am me and expect to be accepted for that. I have my own view-points and can make my own decisions and if you can accept that it is great, if not I can disappear. My life does not depend on this support group. I thought and still hope we could share our experiences with one-another, but not if "everyone's" opinion doesn't matter. We had "clicks" in school, we don't need that on a support group!

I originally came here to see if anyone else was experiencing back & leg pain with their adhesions but I feel there is an extreme amount of pressure on here. This is not good for any of us who suffer with pain!! Please forgive me if I offended anyone but these are my opinions as a United States citizen and as a person with equal rights. I do not think this site should be "pushing" specific doctors onto people.

On the hip-site there are MANY doctors (not a select few) mentioned from time to time but nothing at all like this! Mainly people talk about their experiences, offer support, listen and answer questions! Doctor's names are not a constant daily thing that is addressed, promoted or pushed.

>From everything I read when I first came on this site I first was
impressed, then when it came to money matters I started getting very vague and evasive answers etc. which scared me to death and made me suspicious, then as things became overwhelming and "too good to be true" I became skeptical, now I am truely upset. I did VERY extensive research on everything and everyone and have spent allot of time calculating pros & cons of everything.

I am quite sure I will be bashed now also, however I hope some people are growing up a bit by now (not in age either)and won't feel the need to do so. I will still post and respond to emails regardless of my decisions or anyone elses "if I am still welcome" but I won't subject myself to bashing or harassment. If responses show me I am not welcome I will not have a problem with that either and will accept that. I am not here to fight and no doctor better call me doing so either. I do not begrudge anyone or think negativly of anyone who has gone to or is going to Scranton. I wish the best to everyone with their surgeries, wherever they decide to go. I do not have a problem with people choosing Scranton, nor do I think they are doing harm to anyone. I am sure there will be some with very good results and also some with bad results, as will be with alot of other doctors. It is great if you feel comfortable going there and have faith in your doctor....that is half the battle. If people ask where to find a doctor willing to help them I will have no problem referring them to Scranton if it is feesable for them.

JEAN (from PA)

At Fri, 9 Mar 2001, wrote: >
>To all members, this is Regina and I just had a very disturbing telephone
>conversation with Dr.Redan. Apparently he just returned from Mexico and
>heard about my "OPINION" and wasn't happy. He called me this evening at about
>9:10p.m. He said he spoke with his "legal counsel" and basically threatened
>me if I didn't clarify myself I would be accused of "SLANDER". Then, get
>this, he wants me to "apologize" to Sue. Some (actually a lot) of you
>warned me about retaliation, but I am actually shocked that a doctor would
>actually call me at my home and harass me. He and his "legal counsel" want me
>to clarify and make my position of my "OPINION" perfectly clear and protect
>my career (which he basically implied could be at risk if I didn't) My
>posting was an opinion meant to "pass along" my personal experience with a
>very good practice which was unattainable to me. It was to the members of
>this posting board, those of us who are suffering. I will never apologize
>for my "opinion" and it certainly wasn't meant to get any one else
>upset--specifically "his" patients (which I was advised strongly to clarify).
> Please take it as only one persons "opinion" which was mine, and no one
>else's. If you read any of my subsequent postings you know I only wish the
>best for everyone and I truly was hoping that R&R could help me also. I am
>entitled to my "opinion" and I stick by it. I hope this teaches all of us to
>RECEIVED. It is not only my "opinion" that is out there. I am truly sorry to
>any patients which were unnecessarily upset and disturbed by my "opinion."
>Beware of ever trying to help folks, you too could receive a shocking and
>extremely upsetting telephone call too. I thought this was a free country,
>but Thanks to "legal counsel" it sadly isn't. If I can't afford the
>prepayment I certainly cannot afford a slander suit huh? Threatening a
>suffering and desperate patient--this is real compassion?!? I am still in
>shock and I am now in tremendous pain from crying writing this letter. I
>wish I could have recorded the conversation. I wish you all well. Again,
>this was only my opinion and was never meant to upset anyone. Best to
>all-stay strong and stand up for yourselves and your rights!
>Regina T.

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