From: Jean (
Fri Mar 9 22:41:47 2001

Kel, You are right about getting your money back once a doctor has it. I will never get mine back from a doctor that did that to me last year "even though it is illegal". They were in-network doctors afterall!! I have been trying to get $900 back for a year now, even had a lawyer contact them, had the insurance contact them and STILL no money!

I commend you for sticking by Regina and not just "going with the flow"! JEAN (from PA)

At Fri, 9 Mar 2001, Michael Murray wrote: >
>YOU GO GIRL!!! Will you go with me to my Drs. appts? I need someone to
>be blunt and strong!
>Which reminds me, When I had my adhesion surgery, the Dr. wanted $ down
>ahead of time, even though I had good insurance. Well, after the
>insurance paid,(they paid 100%, because they were a preferred provider.)
>I had a credit of a few hundred dollars and I had to fight for a few
>months to get that money back. I won't ever pay more than my co-pay
>again. They would have turned me over to collections if they had to
>wait like I did. Don' t quote me,I may be wrong but if the Drs. office
>has a contract with the insurance company, the only thing they are
>supposed to ask you to pay for up front is your Co-pay.That is the way
>it is where I live. I work in a medical office. It seems like most of
>the time, surgeons don't ask for $ up front unless you don't have
>insurance. They wait and see what your insurance pays first.

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