Re: Susiea reply to your reply

Sun Feb 2 09:08:20 2003

Dear Linda:

Thats the same thing that happens to me all the time. Friends of mine find out that i am taking morphine and they want them. They think its great that i am on morphine. They just dont realize eventhough i tell them if i didnt have them i would be in the er constantly. My sister who lives in Virginia doesnt have time for me and my pain. She thinks i am weak for having to take pain medicine and doesnt believe that they cant fix me with surgery. of course i havent spoke to her since she has taken everything in my mothers house which was supposed to be split between both of us. She is very greedy. I thought we were close but i found out different because of this. Oh well, thank goodness for this group. Again Linda if you ever need me i am always here for you.

easy hugs,


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