Re: End of the road!

From: Robin M (
Fri Feb 28 06:57:01 2003

Dear Lee Ann, You are only at a low dose of pain meds. I would recomend increasing the med you are on if it is working. I am currently on Duragesic patch 75, MS Contin 60mg 2 x day, and Vicodin 10/600 mg for break through pain. The hardest part is finding a Dr willing to prescribe meds, then finding out what works & doesn't work. My first surgery for adhesions was in 1985. The last 5 years has been the worst. I feel like my only hope for a real life is going to Dr Korell in Duisburg, Germany and having him use Spray Gel. I just don't have the money to go, but I am saving some little by little. Most days, I am in bed or on the couch all day. Sometimes, just getting up to go to the bathroom causes more pain. My husband and kids do everything for me. I wish you luck. robin M

At Fri, 28 Feb 2003, Lee Ann wrote: >
>Does anyone out there feel like they have exhausted all of their
>possibilities of recovery from this disease? I would like to know how
>long the journey was for you and what makes you think this is the end of
>the road (for recovery). Are you still on pain medications and what do
>you do to maintain your existence on a daily basis?I am a sufferer of
>adhesions as well but I have only had 4 surgeries, the last resulting in
>hysterectomy. My surgeries have been successful for approx. 4 months
>and then I begin to feel that tug again. At this rate I would have to
>have 2 surgeries a year in order to be on a somewhat comfortable level.
>I am currently taking Lortab 5/500 mg-2 tabs every 4 to 6 hrs. and they
>seem to be losing their power. Are there any other pain meds that might
>work better for me? I have been thru Tylenol 3, Darvocet, Percocet? I
>don't know what to ask for next. My dr.'s nurses give me the runaround
>when I need pain meds called in, so I would like to have my ducks in a
>row before calling them the next time to request a change of
>I am 4 mos. post op of a LAVH (laparoscopic assisted hysterectomy)
>leaving both of my ovaries. I am having bulging in the vulva area which
>the dr. says is my bladder. Has anyone ever had this? And what is the
>likelihood that my fallen bladder is causing pains that mimic my
>adhesions from before? Any ideas would be helpful. Sorry for such a
>long posting.
>Everyone seems so supportive in this group and I believe it to be a
>Godsend to myself and my current situation.
>Many happy and pain-free days to all!!!

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